I'm a food, drink, & travel writer.

I write about life's interesting tasty bits--hidden destination gems and the art of dining well and living fully.

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Truth superfoods 380x228 article

The truth about superfoods

Learn which fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient rich.

Interesting ways never thought cook cabbage 380x228 article

6 interesting ways you never thought to cook with cabbage

There's more to this veggie than sauerkraut.

Snacks normal halloween party 380x228 article

Snacks every normal Halloween party needs to have

Some ideas don't require any cooking or baking.

Non traditional sides serve thanksgiving 380x228 article

Non-traditional Thanksgiving sides

Think outside the family recipe box for this holiday.

8 inch chefs knife article

Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

From chef's knives to cake pans, you don't need a pantry filled with tools to cook successfully at home.

Italian food story article

The truth about Italian food

For Italians, food is the essence of life. Find out how and why.

Wine opener story article

11 ways to open wine and beer bottles without an opener

From wooden spoons to bike pumps and folded paper there are dozens of ways to get into that darn bottle.

Intro %281%29 article

Perfect Marinades for Every Meat

Get the secret recipes to make moist meat sing when it's cooked.

Intro article

How Cook Perfect Lobster

From when to buy, how to buy, where to buy, and how to cook it, this article tells it all.

Secret to perfect pie crust article

Secrets to perfect pie crust

Achieving pie crust Nirvana is within reach, if you use some of the secrets pastry chefs and great home bakers rely on for their fabulous crusts.

Your guide to indian food article

Your guide to Indian Food

Learn about the food of India by region.

How to master pie dough image article

How to master pie dough

How to master pie dough

Marinating meat article

How to marinate your meat perfectly

How to marinate your meat perfectly

Taco bell logo article

Taco Bell hacks you need to know

Fast food hackers are on a mission to discover techniques, tips, and tricks that get them the absolute most out of their order. If you want to join the game, we've got a few hacks you can try at Taco Bell.